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Business divisions

We are a young and creative company in the divisions of product
design, construction and rendering. we focus mainly on the development of complex products and strategies for companies.

expert knowledge

Our comprehensive know-how in the areas of product - and industry
design, its standards and technologies as well as the will to innovate right down to the last detail will guarantee the success for your product.

State of the art

We have cutting-edge practices, methods and technologies. Whether it is rendering, CAD or other services, you will get the newest technology and a timeless as well as sustainable design.


Today with creative strategies essential competitive advantages are generated. Saturated markets and optimised value-added chains show a competitive environment with consumption goods and industrial goods. Hence, even more decisively the unique selling proposition is for new products and ideas. Our creative service aims at strategically sustainable solutions which push your company ahead in your competetive environment. Moreover the planning and strategical positioning belongs for your products and ideas from the first draught up to the maturity phase.


Innovations are the basis of a sustainable strategy and the market success. Innovations are also the basis for an successful marketing and placement in the competition. At the same time innovations make a contribution to the omnipresent understood of "Social Responsibility".
Hence, our job and responsibility is the strategic positioning and the developement of groundbreaking ideas for your products combined with a timeless and successful design.


In the areas of Product design and industrial design a high level of competence from different areas is needed to be able to compile innovations strategically. Gugg-Design unites competence from the most different areas of today's technology as for example hardware and software, budgetary technology, light technology, picture and tone, construction and production engineering. Thereby we are able to generate innovation under cost pressure. The result push your strategical advantage. With the developement of a sustainable, innovative and timeless design, which is undoubtedly our core competence, you receive from us a complete package for a successful product life cycle.


Communication is an important component for a successful cooperation and brings not only trust but gives us the possibility to let flow our comprhensive know-how into your enterprise. Contact us. We counsel you with pleasure.